You will be accessing sensitive information such as hourly rate, paycheck history, and social security number. You should view this information in a private area. Please remember to log out of the system when you leave the workstation to ensure that no one else has access to your information.

Please review the terms of electronic consent below.

Consent for Electronic Transactions

I agree that any employee benefit agreements or other agreements (“Agreements (s)”) that I enter into at any time in the future with Huntsville Hospital or its subsidiaries may be signed electronically by me and by Huntsville Hospital as described in this Consent, and will have the same legal effect as a manually signed Agreement.   By agreeing to this Consent, I further agree that:

  1. Huntsville Hospital may provide me the Agreement(s) and supporting materials in electronic form via e-mail, Huntsville Hospital secured portals (Employee Self Service Portal, etc.) or other means of electronic means. However, at my request, Huntsville Hospital will provide me with a paper copy.
  1. When I sign an Agreement(s) electronically, my electronic signature will be binding on me based on the following procedures:
    1. User ID and Password. My electronic signature will be accomplished using a single user-id and a separate password that will be confidential and unique to me.I understand that Huntsville Hospital has encouraged me to keep my password private and not share it with anyone. I acknowledge responsibility and agreement for all activity performed with my user-id and Password.
  1. I understand that I am employed by Huntsville Hospital on an “at will” basis and that none of the Agreement(s) I sign electronically with Huntsville Hospital will be construed as an employment contract.
  1. For purposes of electronic signature of an Agreement(s), the law of the United States and Alabama shall be controlling.
  1. I understand that this consent will remain in effect as long as I am employed at Huntsville Hospital.


Due to the sensitivity of information now accessible thru Lawson Self Service your session will timeout after 3 minutes of inactivity. To protect your personal information you MUST LOGOUT of Lawson using the logout option in the top right corner of your browser when you have completed your inquiry. Otherwise, you leave your personal information at risk of being viewed by others.
Thank You.

Due to Lawson Application requirements, additional software downloads may be necessary. Minimal hardware and operating system requirements apply.
Please click this FAQ frequently asked questions link for more help and information about what you need to run Lawson Self Service.

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